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From conceptual design stage to operations and maintenance, this whitepaper covers all aspects in detail of the process behind a quantified and standards-based gas detection system design.

The design of hydrocarbon gas detection systems using risk analysis methods is drawing a lot of attention because industry experts have come to a consensus that design codes used in traditional gas detection system design work are not sufficient for open‐door process areas having serious hazards, such as fire, flammable gas and toxic gas. The ISA Technical Report TR 84.00.07 provides guidelines for the design of fire and gas systems in unenclosed process areas in accordance with the principles given in IEC 61511 standards.

This paper presents an overview of the design of gas detection systems using risk assessment methods that are described in the ISA technical report. These methods are statistical in nature and are used to assign and verify targets for the performance metrics (detector coverage and safety availability) of gas detection systems. This paper also provides an overview of the performance based safety life cycle of gas detection systems from conceptual design stage to operations and maintenance.

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