Expanding Your Workforce with Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robotic solutions are revolutionizing the industry by enhancing safety and efficiency. With advanced AI-powered technologies, these robots can handle hazardous tasks, reducing human exposure to risks, while streamlining operations to optimize productivity and overall performance.

Our comprehensive robotic solutions automate industrial inspections, empowering plant operators with vital information to optimize equipment uptime, enhance safety, and achieve cost reductions.

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    Autonomous Mobility

    ExR-2 and ANYmal (our quadrupedal robot) deliver actionable insights anytime and anywhere, autonomously navigating complex and challenging environments as versatile data collection and analysis vehicles.

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    Safety & Efficiency at Scale

    Distinguished from manual inspections or stationary sensors, our robot solutions offer comprehensive facility coverage in a scalable, safe, and cost-effective manner, removing limitations and ensuring thorough monitoring.

Available Industrial Inspection Robots

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