RAE Systems’ MultiRAE just got better

The MultiRAE Benzene multigas monitor is a groundbreaking new development for gas detection. The new MultiRAE Benzene is the industry’s first wireless portable six-gas monitor for low-level, benzene-specific, VOC and multigas gas detection.

MultiRAE Benzene detects benzene from 0 to 200 ppm with 0.1ppm resolution by filtering out other VOCs and gases to eliminate cross-interference.

MultiRAE Benzene makes it easy to detect total VOCs, measure for benzene, or monitor for other hazardous gasses. MultiRAE Benzene allows users to:

  • Snapshot Benzene leaks or areas
  • Switch modes and use the built-in PID detection to detect total VOCs
  • Measure other substances with up to six sensors in the multigas mode.
  • Get real-time, wireless access to instrument readings, GPS position*, alarm conditions, and man down alarms.
  • Automatically datalog the monitor’s benzene or sensor data.

Use MultiRAE Benzene for:

  • Confined-space pre-screenings
  • Upstream and downstream operations and storage sites
  • Chemical and plastic manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Rail yards
  • Incident response

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