Side of Robot that can perform emission detection in Canada

New Robot Technology

Fugitive methane leaks have been a challenge for producers committed to meeting net zero targets by 2050. Good news is here, with the release of an innovative new robot technology which can accurately detect and map even the smallest methane emission leaks in hazardous environments. This means fugitive leaks can be addressed before they are detectable by other instruments or satellites.

With the estimated annual value of fugitive emissions from the oil and gas sector at 30 billion dollars globally, finding ways to be more efficient with resources makes good business sense. Until now, however, the way forward has been difficult to navigate.

Identifying Leaks Early

Yellow inspector robot with app and ramps

Simply preventing fugitive leaks before they become a bigger problem seems the obvious solution, in keeping with the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But identifying these leaks in a timely manner has been a unique challenge here in Canada.

Pinning down methane leaks early and accurately has been difficult to do, and the cost associated with this investigation has been high. But good news once again, as the new fully autonomous robots MicroWatt selected are perfectly suited for Canada’s rugged environment and provide significant savings potential. They can operate in  -40C and are approved for classified environments.

High Tech Assistants

Front of Robot that can perform emission detection and inspection

They are, in effect, high tech assistants who can make regular rounds of facilities without any human intervention, and accurately detect low levels of greenhouse gas emissions. If nothing is detected the robot docks itself and prepares for its next detection round.

If any gas leaks are identified, an operator is notified of the irregularity and prompted to take corrective action. These robots are perfectly suited for this next step too, providing live high quality video and audio to your fingertips. In other words, we bring the expert to site, without bringing the expert to site. This is a significant advantage when trouble-shooting in remote or hazardous environments.

MicroWatt is currently sourcing these new robots for the Canadian market. We can set up a remote demo for you to try operating these robots from your own office. 

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