Increase Output — Improve Product Quality — Ensure Safety

At MicroWatt, how we measure our success with our customers goes well beyond the quality solutions and products we engineer and supply. It’s also about the long-term performance of these solutions and products, which is why a trusted partnership with our services team of leaders, account managers, engineers and technicians is so important.

Our applied engineering experts can help you build, connect, improve and maintain your FGS, BMS, CCTV and annunciation systems and processes, so you can achieve maximum results for your investment. We apply our best-in-class Project Lifecycle Management approach to all projects to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of our projects and solutions. Applications expertise is at the core of everything we do. Our dedicated team has the technical knowledge and skills to understand your process and safety challenges. MicroWatt Application Experts will help guide optimization of your process through the use of new or existing technologies.

MicroWatt is an independent and certified engineering organization and has a well-established reputation for delivering services that are objective, unbiased and to the highest professional engineering standards. CLICK HERE to see our global list of project executions.


MicroWatt has an enviable track record of delivering small-medium brownfield engineering and construction projects. The company has a loyal client portfolio, and a strong reputation for delivering brownfield modifications on a wide range of upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities. We have the expertise within our team to deliver a smart approach to “ICE” Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Engineering for production and drilling facilities on any size of campaign. Years of production facilities experience has refined our service offering in this area to specify schedules and budget in order to reduce costs and lead-in times. This can be ad-hoc engineering for minor modifications through to full concept design and project management and engineering for major projects.


Industrial safeguarding systems play a critical role in protecting people, processes and the environment. They continuously monitor thermal combustion systems as well as the release of toxic or combustible gas levels and the ignition of these gases, providing early warning of an abnormal situation before it becomes a significant threat and effectively initiating emergency response systems to bring potentially catastrophic situations under control. Efficient early detection by performing a comprehensive site assessment enhances safety by ensuring coverage and reducing unnecessary escalation of hazardous events, improves system reliability by reducing spurious activation and ensures visual and acoustic system effectiveness, and provides financial benefits by optimizing the costs associated with sensor and systems maintenance within the plant lifecycle.

MicroWatt’s site assessment framework was developed to meet the unique safety requirements of the process industries. Our world-class services bring our experts on-site to evaluate how your industrial operations can better mitigate and prevent incidents, keeping people and plants safe. With MicroWatt’s consultancy services, plants benefit from an enhanced layer of protection, better resource allocation, improved design accuracy and engineering efficiency. This results in a lower lifetime operating costs and significantly increases the level of safety.


MicroWatt’s consultants assist engineering firms and operators in identifying and mitigating operating risks. MicroWatt leverages its experience in analyzing numerous failures to provide unique and advanced services relating to industrial and commercial Fire & Gas Detection + BMS & Combustion Control equipment and systems. This experience includes analyses of equipment failures, human-machine-process interactions, control system design, and root causes. We utilize a multi-disciplinary team to address the various aspects and issues related to system design, installation, control, startup, operation, and maintenance. Our goal is to assist our clients as they navigate safety requirements, reliability, and operating costs.

Our goal for our clients is to mitigate operating risks by reviewing and optimizing designs, control systems and logic, testing, procedures, and operating philosophies. We have participated in partnership with our clients’ during design reviews, factory acceptance testing, pre-startup check outs, functional testing, hazard analyses, and documentation processes. Identifying problems early in the design stages is the primary goal. Our findings have included missing safety interlocks, procedures and operations not in accordance with applicable standards, inappropriate operating philosophies, inappropriate equipment selection, incorrect equipment installation, inconsistencies in design documentation, and insufficient hazard analysis.


MicroWatt offers clients a well-established and systematic approach to project management. Project Management is offered as a specialized service direct to clients, both utilizing MicroWatt’s in house systems and tools or using our skills and experience within the clients project management environment. These enable us to deliver lean solutions while aligning with clients’ formal gated processes. This is all achieved without diluting the MicroWatt offering of a collaborative, flexible, responsive, and high quality service. A reflection of our confidence in our delivery and management processes is that we offer to complete our engineering services on a fixed price basis when agreed scope definition exists.

Over the years we have invested heavily in our planning, scheduling and cost control systems, developing in-house bespoke reporting tools. It’s these advanced tools that allow us to quickly evaluate productivity and analyze NPT so that proactive changes can be made to optimize project performance, both in the boardroom and on site. Our teams pride themselves on our flexible approach to project execution, and on the cost reduction benefits that our scalable model offers without compromising quality or safety. MicroWatt is continually improving and refining our systems and have recently launched the following fresh initiatives:

  • Inspection + Maintenance Repair (IMR) team – fast turnarounds of Repair Orders and minor like-for-like scopes. 
  • Accelerated Conceptual Engineering (ACE) – we work with our client to define fast-track solutions to more complex design challenges.

MicroWatt ensures success during the most critical phase of your project during the commissioning and start-up phases including the verification of the installations, the configuration of the systems, and the functional testing and validation of the instruments. Our team is capable of providing assistance during the installation activities and identifying and suggesting any design improvements. In order to perform testing of the various instruments, MicroWatt can provide all the necessary manufacturer certified equipment for any environment in any conditions.

One of MicroWatt’s core strengths is our over 30 years of construction and project management expertise, which serves as the foundation for our ability to implement a wide variety of safety and process solutions at the highest level of quality. Our relationships with engineers and contractors runs deep and helps facilitate timely project delivery. Our roots are in safety, and we are confident in our ability to provide the best safeguarding system solutions on time and within budget.

Our installers and engineers can commission each piece of installed equipment in collaboration with the on-site teams so that the appropriate information is transferred for proper future handling. Training is also scheduled prior to project acceptance so that the appropriate personnel are well-equipped to handle the day-to-day operations of the new or retrofitted equipment. Regardless of the project size, MicroWatt is committed to ensuring that facilities management staff is fully prepared to operate and maintain all building improvements.


Apart from our own packaged solutions, MicroWatt also offers fabrication services to external clients from multiple locations in western Canada in accordance to customer-furnished design specifications and drawings. Our facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, stringent compliance to quality standards, skilled operators and technicians backed up by world class engineering. With our engineering and automation capabilities, we can offer solutions that improve project schedules, reduce costs and provide turnkey integrated mechanical, electrical and control system solutions—all delivered with a focus on quality. MicroWatt utilizes “Lean Manufacturing” techniques, which has resulted in continuous improvement of safety, cost, quality of product and delivery. This ultimately creates more value for our customers.