For over 30 years we’ve been delivering Safety and Profitability for our clients throughout the region and around the globe.

MicroWatt Controls Group is a trusted technical safety consultant. We have the expertise to identify challenges, select the optimum technical solutions and support execution throughout the entire operational process – following the latest industry guidelines for developing a standards-based F&G System and utilizing a future-proof lifecycle approach.

Our clients mainly include operators in Western Canada but we have developed solutions for both on-shore and off-shore facilities and within many industrial applications world-wide. These are challenging and technically sophisticated clients who demand the highest standards of quality and safety.

Leading providers of SIS and F&G Systems regularly utilize our expertise, and several of our clients employ us as an independent third-party consultant on major projects. We work closely with our clients in dynamic partnerships to gain a detailed shared understanding of the challenges – the result is innovation, quantified safety, and fully-customised solutions.

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