EFFIGY effectively answers the questions of where, why, and how many detectors are required to achieve an acceptable level of protection. By verifying the coverage of a complete array of fire and gas sensors, EFFIGY validates that the location and technologies chosen will provide the coverage desired.

Fire and Gas Systems (FGS) are important tools for safeguarding process plants and production facilities that handle flammable and toxic materials. All such facilities have inherent risk which cannot be adequately managed by preventive controls; these facilities require the installation of FGS to mitigate these hazards.

EFFIGY was developed by Kenexis, who has partnered with MicroWatt as its regional value-added reseller of their platform. Kenexis’ has been instrumental in the development of several industry-recognized FGS design standards and is dedicated to the mission of empowering engineers in this space together with their partners like MicroWatt. EFFIGY is a proven platform with thousands of installs and hundreds of projects executed. And being a completely web-based platform it’s capabilities are continuously being improved and updates are always seamless for its users. Partnering with the FGS Engineering experts at MicroWatt to deploy EFFIGY will ensure a successful implementation for your organization.

Kenexis was part of the original team of experts that developed the techniques described in the ISA 84.00.07 Technical Report. They have lead the initiative from its inception and through direct input from industry leaders have developed the only software package available to-date that can generate the metrics and calculations defined within the technical report. Through years of research and extensive validation, EFFIGY has the ability to perform coverage calculations with a degree of sophistication and accuracy unrivaled by any other software or method.

Features of EFFIGY

  • Geographic and Scenario Based Coverage Mapping
  • 3D CAD Import and 3D Analysis
  • Enterprise, Multi-User Web-Based Platform
  • Accurate Optical Flame Detector (FM3260 Certified) Model Coverage
  • ISA-TR84.00.07-2010 Technical Report Compliant
EFFIGY was designed and built by FGS consulting engineers that perform risk assessments and deliver solutions for industry.
Geographical and Scenario Based Coverage Mapping

Analyzes detector location for geographical and scenario based coverage, while considering the specific application, equipment, and instrumentation used in the facility under study. Scenario coverage mapping, provides a geographic risk profile that combines the thousands of scenarios possible in a zone, calculates the detector coverage, and maps the scenarios detected and not detected by the detectors.

3D CAD Import and 3D Analysis

Supports 3D CAD import and analyzes in 3D, including the detector cone-of-vision, obstruction location, and obstruction shadow orientation. Analyzes multiple obstruction geometries, in all orientations. Presents color-coded graphical coverage maps indicating the extent of the various coverage areas.

Multi-User Web-Based Platform

EFFIGY is a module in the Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite that assist in the performance-based design and ongoing management of instrumented safeguards, such as safety instrumented systems and fire and gas systems. The suite is an online web-browser based platform: always up to date, supports multi-user, and can be priced based on annual seats or by project.

Accurate Optical Flame Detector (FM3260 Certified) Model Coverage

Accurately and specifically models any brand of detector, and separately assesses all documented sensitivity settings of those detectors. Also, includes a database of most common fire and gas detection equipment and associated performance metrics. Accurately models cone-of-vision projections as detectors are moved away from the elevation of interest and rotated away from parallel. Accurately model different fire sizes and materials of interest for each detector as required (e.g., methane, hexane, methanol).

ISA-TR84.00.07-2010 Technical Report Compliant

Using ISA-TR84.00.07-2010, Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire and Gas System Effectiveness and through years of research and validation, Kenexis developed EFFIGY to perform sophisticated and accurate coverage calculations to standardize the approach to achieving quantitative coverage targets into their fire and gas design processes.