Move your Combustion System forward faster, safer, and smarter

Innovative and flexible engineering services help companies to overcome cost and regulatory challenges, increase their speed to market, and empower them to meet complex production system needs. Partnering with MicroWatt can help you recognize revenue sooner with smart, safe, and strategic field engineering and design. Safety and compliance are now as mission-critical as your wellhead, so automating processes to help manage risk and ensure production uptime is just smart business – MicroWatt can help you get there.

BMS LifeCycle Services

BMS & Combustion Control LifeCycle Engineering

Increase Safety

  • Prevent serious injury or death from manually lighting and re-lighting burners
  • Provide temperature control that protects and preserves equipment
  • Limit loss of revenue due to claims or suits

Gain Production Efficiencies

  • Reduce production shut-downs due to burner failure
  • Remote control of the BMS decreases the need for field engineers to go on site to monitor systems
  • Increase visibility into your system’s performance

Minimize Environmental Impact

  • Temperature controlled burning prevents explosions
  • Position your company for current and future compliance requirements
  • Deliver accurate temperature and pressure control to ensure complete incineration of unusable or harmful gases
  • Prevent harmful gases from releasing into the environment

Why MicroWatt LifeCycle Safety Engineering?

MicroWatt can help you move faster while safely and efficiently increasing production and productivity. Our mission is to use proven, quality and safe engineering and design to help energy industry owners and operators achieve the following:

Speed-to-Market: Our specialization enables us to meet your specific engineering needs while you focus on your own core competencies. The result is accelerated engineering and design that results in faster time to market.

Agility and flexibility: MicroWatt understands that change is the only constant. We have the flexibility to meet your specific needs and the agility to help you move first on new opportunities, or adeptly react to market forces. MicroWatt cultivates a culture of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge generation, which can help you to identify and implement solutions more quickly. We can even act as a seamless extension of your operation, with our teams at your sites, and your professionals working in our offices.

Safety and Quality: MicroWatt strives for continuous improvement at all levels of the organization. This allows us to remain current and compliant in engineering functions. We leverage our own LEAN-based project delivery process and use proven solutions to maximize project safety and quality while reducing waste

Engineering Orientation: We are very comfortable with ambiguity and engage clients in consultative ways, often providing multiple options for solving challenges. We are continual learners, constantly trying to uncover unknowns so we can generate new organizational knowledge and expertise that can be applied to your projects.

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