A single-source solution to move your combustion systems forward faster, safer, and smarter.

microwatt-burner-management-servicesMicroWatt offers full engineering and fabrication services for burner management and local control systems, in addition to direct manufacturer access to the leading Natural Draft and Forced Draft BMS solutions. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR CUSTOMERS? It means they can count on MicroWatt for reliable combustion engineering and field services WITH the quickest response and the lowest lifecycle cost and we deliver comprehensive support for the components as well as the packaged solution.

Our skid-mounted fuel gas or oil trains are all CSA B149.3 compliant and customized to meet each client’s specifications. Our standard BMS package includes a configurable local control panel, fully tested for safe and reliable fired appliance start-up, operation and shutdown including full integration into your plant’s DCS.

In addition to the fuel skid and control panel, an essential part of each system design is integration of local heater instrumentation, such as flame scanners, draft gauges, thermocouples, damper positions, valve positions, etc. Full system documentation, including P&IDs, data sheets, logic and wiring diagrams with operating procedures completes the package. IEC61508 SIL certified platforms are also available.


MicroWatt is ready to help you address CSA B149.3 by eliminating complexity, ensuring safety & compliance, and delivering all aspects of the project on-time and on-budget.

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SIMPLIFY YOUR PATH TO COMPLIANCE – The MicroWatt BMS LifeCycle Compliance Service program.

Our comprehensive BMS LifeCycle Compliance Service program is designed to allow our clients to easily manage the process while minimizing the resources necessary.

The program begins with scheduling the initial on-site equipment audit – our certified technicians come prepared with all the required field safety and workplace certifications, equipped with the latest tools, and decades of expertise in order to hit the ground running.

Our team will perform a full inventory of all gas fired appliances on site with associated assessment of each piece of equipment. The data from the initial assessment is used to generate your BMS LifeCycle Compliance Service program outline. This includes a detailed itemized and prioritized assessment of any remediation required; all instrumentation and services necessary to bring your site up to code; and a step-by-step action plan to schedule the work required.

As per the new regulations, your inclusion in the LEMS program can also be streamlined by working with our team. We can assist with inventory, support risk assessment, prioritization and status updates that are ready for submission to the LEMS database.

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Why should you begin your CSA B149.3 Compliance Project now?

Increase Safety

  • Prevent serious injury or death from manually lighting and re-lighting burners
  • Provide temperature control that protects and preserves equipment
  • Limit loss of revenue due to claims or suits

Gain Production Efficiencies

  • Reduce production shut-downs due to burner failure
  • Remote control of the BMS decreases the need for field engineers to go on site to monitor systems
  • Avoid the rush to compliance as deadline approaches
  • Increase visibility into your system’s performance

Minimize Environmental Impact

  • Temperature controlled burning prevents explosions
  • Position your company for current and future compliance requirements
  • Deliver accurate temperature and pressure control to ensure complete incineration of unusable or harmful gases
  • Prevent harmful gases from releasing into the environment