MicroWatt is a certified wholesale provider of enterprise-grade wireless communications focusing on the Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Timber and Heavy Industrial sectors in Western Canada.  The company’s principal focus is delivering premium service and support, optimizing billing to provide the most cost-effective solution, all while leveraging the legislated shared infrastructure of all Canadian telcos for our customers. Bottomline: you can be assured of the most robust wireless signal for your operations while receiving the high-level of customer and account support that your operation demands. 

MicroWatt delivers mobile voice, next generation coast-to-coast Push-To-Talk, and data services and provides comprehensive support of these services. Deliver performance and security for your enterprise across multiple platforms and hardware on the same mobility infrastructure utilized by every carrier in Canada.

“Our current struggle is that we have dozens of invoices and very little insight into what we are being billed for. We need a provider that can consolidate billing and provide insight into what each line item is for…this would make us very happy.”

— direct quote from an Alberta O&G Operator

We have your solution: with our comprehensive account management portal and dedicated account representatives, which are exclusive to our industrial clients, we provide you with complete detailed optics on your account and the ability to optimize your mobility services month by month. 

MicroWatt will help you effectively meet the challenge as your business environment becomes increasingly complex by optimizing your services with our flexible plans. Connect to coast-to-coast 4G networks, including 4G LTE. So whether you’re headed to Sparwood, Sundre, or Sarnia, we’ve got you covered.

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