Fully Packaged Electronic Flow Measurement System

MicroWatt’s MW-EFM-1 is designed for control applications that require combined electronic flow computer (EFM), process control and remote terminal unit (RTU) functionality in one integrated remote installation. 

MW-EFM-1 combines the capabilities of an advanced RTU with the convenient, “one box” packaging of a highly-integrated flow computer. Smart transducer assembly, solar/TEG/battery power system,  communication devices, and field instrumentation can all be specified as integrated components in the package. Functionality ranges from simple electronic flow measurement to complete wellsite automation/optimization.

SCADA Communications:

  • Complete with satellite or radio modem, antenna and feed line system
  • Spread Spectrum Radio Modem for unlicensed communication
  • Licensed Radio Modems
  • Cellular, 1X/EVDO, GSM, and IDEN Modems

Power Systems:

  • Batteries and charger systems with enclosures
  • Solar Power System
  • Thermoelectric Generators (TEG)

Typical Applications include:

  • Electronic Gas Measurement
  • ESD
  • Flow/Pressure Control
  • Intermitting
  • Plunger Lift Control
  • Casing & Tubing Pressure
  • Chemical Injection Control
  • Water & Oil Production
  • Tank Level Monitoring