Vendor PreQualification is a process by which potential vendors are evaluated and qualified by a recongnized third-party in the following aspects: Finance-legal, Operating, Safety, Health, Environment, Quality Management, Business Management and Social Responsibility.

Accreditation certifies a vendor’s ability to supply products and services, in accordance with the required quality, ensuring delivery and compliance in a timely manner, with market-sensitive costs and minimum risks.

Personnel Certifications held by our team include industry recognized standards that require proof of qualification and rigorous examinations to ensure safety knowledge and skills are up to date. Many companies now require certificate holders to oversee and execute safety projects. The certifications we hold are some of the most stringent in the world and represent the highest demonstration of competency.

The Certified Functional Safety Engineer [CFSE] distinction, for example, is one of the highest levels of certification available for professionals where functional safety is a major part of their role. It is aimed at professionals who actively lead, coordinate and review the more complex and demanding activities within Safety Lifecycle development, including SIL selection and SIL verification.