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  • Features
  • IP Version
  • Analog Version
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  • Analog or IP version Thermography function ONVIF S for seamless network integration -50 °C to +65 °C / -58 °F to +149 °F (depending on version) Stainless steel enclosure Resolution 640 x 512 or 336 x 256

    • High-resolution thermal imaging cameras for monitoring changes in temperatures

      in processes or indoor spaces

    • Available with ATEX / IECEX or NEC / CEC certifications

    • Integrated thermography function

    • Colours can be individually adjusted according to temperature levels

    • PAL or NTSC version available
    • Medium or high resolution:
      PAL (336 x 256) / NTSC (336 x 240)
      PAL (640 x 512) / NTSC (640 x 480)
    • For real-time data transmission
    • PAL or NTSC version available
    • Resolution: PAL (336 x 256) / NTSC (336 x 240)
  • R. Stahl

    R. STAHL Camera Systems specializes in CCTV system solutions for hazardous areas (so-called Ex-Zones). We offer a range of unique camera technologies and we employ 80 years of experience in explosion protection expertise in developing CCTV systems for hazardous area applications including the oil and gas industry, drilling rigs, tank vessels, tank farms, in pipeline monitoring and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We provide the full range of products and services: not only hardware and software, but all relevant services such as project design, project engineering, system configuration, documentation, FAT, SAT, commissioning, service and maintenance.