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  • Overview
  • Features
  • Benefits to Existing Processes
  • Potential Users
  • Manufacturer
  • Enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility for wireless gas detection.

    Safety Communicator™ pairs with MicroRAE using the Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) feature, to transmit gas readings over a cellular network. Safety Communicator™ pushes gas readings, location and other data from the detector to Honeywell’s ProRAE Guardian™ software. Through ProRAE Guardian, remotely located safety managers can view information from plant locations in real-time and respond proactively to safety incidents in their earliest stages of development.

    For those that already have a Wi-Fi or mesh network, MicroRAE and Safety Communicator™ will extend their capabilities by ensuring continuous wireless coverage; for example, when a worker goes beyond the network range or otherwise can’t connect to the network, the worker’s smartphone will continue sending gas monitoring data, location and Man Down status to the real-time monitoring software. And for customers that don’t have a wireless network, Safety Communicator™ gives them a way to start experiencing the benefits of real-time, wireless gas monitoring without the cost and perceived complexity of setting up a network.

    As a reminder, with BLE, Mesh, and Wi-Fi communications options, the new MicroRAE portable detector easily fits into existing RAE Systems wireless networks as well as Honeywell ConneXt Safety Solutions. MicroRAE can be set up as a standard four gas or Toxic Twins (CO/O2/LEL/HCN) configured monitor. With its durable, ergonomic, and easy-to-use design MicroRAE is ideal for industrial and firefighting applications.

  • • Global approval for worldwide acceptance [Cl1 Div1 Intrinsically Safe]
    • IP-68 water- and dust resistant
    • Short- and Long-range Communication [NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi, LTE (3G, 4G)]
    • 8MP Camera and camcorder (can be disabled), Barcode Reader
    • Location (GPS, triangulation)
    • 4” Glove-friendly touchscreen
    • Push-to-Talk (PTT)
    • Android OS
  • Enhanced Safety

    • Real-time monitoring

    • Location tracking

    • Instrument association

    • Personal profile and settings

    Better Productivity

    • Performance support

    • Subject matter expert access

    • Automatic data collection

    Improved Compliance

    • Reporting 

    • Policy Enforcement

  • Remote and Mobile Workers

    • Lone Workers

    • Plant Workers

    • Emergency Responders

    • High-Risk Workers

  • RAE Systems

    RAE Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas and radiation detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection. RAE Systems products are used in more than 120 countries by many of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies. RAE Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions including personal, hand-held, transportable, and fixed instruments designed to meet the needs of energy production, refining, industrial and environmental safety sectors for a wide range of personal safety and regulation compliance applications.

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