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  • The FSL100 Series of flame detectors from Honeywell Analytics delivers robust, fast, and reliable detection of flaming fires designed for a wide range of applications.

    The newest range of optical-electronic flame detector is engineered for light industrial fire detection applications. The FSL100 series addresses a wide range of fire protection applications both indoors and outdoors: Ultraviolet (UV), Ultraviolet/Infrared (UVIR) and Triple Infrared (IR3). All configurations utilize sophisticated sensing and signal analysis to detect fires quickly while also effectively rejecting false alarm sources.

    The FSL100 is small and lightweight for simplified installation but it is designed to work in tough indoor/outdoor environments, as well as potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • • Optimal false alarm rejection for all environmental conditions

    • No External Reflector

    • Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires

    • Minimal maintenance for trouble-free operation

    • Test lamp available for manual testing in hazardous locations
  • Detects wide range of Hydrocarbon & Non-Hydrocarbon fires

    Detecting a wide range of Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon flaming fires means that many application areas can be addressed.

    Wide viewing angle

    Optical detection of radiant energy in a solid angle Field of View enables coverage of a large risk area. Simple optional mounting bracket allows the FSL100 to be installed and aligned covering the hazard.

    Hazardous Area Certified Class 1 Div 2

    Can be installed indoors or outdoors and in hazardous areas typically monitoring a Div 1 area from a distance.

    FM 3260 and EN54-10 performance certs

    Certified to FM 3260 and EN54-10 for flame Detector performance.

    Relay and current output (Fault and Alarm)

    Analog stepped output and Alarm/Fault relays for simple connectivity.


  • Honeywell Analytics

    For nearly 50 years, Honeywell Analytics has been protecting people who put their lives on the line every day. It takes a special level of drive and dedication to work in hostile environments, and we believe your workers deserve the same kind of commitment from us when it comes to securing their health and safety. Right from the start, our founders were determined to find better ways to design, build and manufacture reliable gas detection solutions. Through advanced technology and pure industry know-how, Honeywell Analytics continues to improve and evolve our products. Today, we’re proud to partner with customers worldwide who share our vision of vigilance and rely on us to help them protect what matters most. From custom-designed solutions to unmatched training and support, Honeywell Analytics is simply the smartest choice when you demand the best in safety.

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