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  • For almost half a century, Honeywell Analytics gas detection systems have provided the safety needed to protect plant and personnel from flammable and toxic gas hazards. Across the globe, they are installed in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple small-scale systems to some of the World’s largest fully integrated fire and gas detection systems.

    To fulfill the unique requirements of each individual application requires a gas controller system with unlimited flexibility.  The modular design approach employed by the Honeywell System 57 Gas Controller enables you to define, in detail, the unique control and alarm parameters to fulfill your requirement.

  • • Control system with unlimited flexibility
    • Gas, flame, smoke and heat
    • Master/voted alarm options
    • Relay output options
  • The Honeywell Analytics Gas & Flame Controller System 57 accepts inputs from flammable and toxic gas detectors, a large range of flame, smoke and heat detectors and manual call points. Available outputs include relays, analogue signals and industry standard digital protocols. Packaged in either wall mounting cabinets or panel mounting racks, System 57 can be used stand alone or integrated into the heart of a fire and gas system.

    Whatever the application, large or small, our sales engineers and customer service representatives are available to discuss your requirements and recommend the control system that’s best for you.

  • Control Cards
    The System 57 offers unrivalled flexibility with both fire and gas control cards available in the same rack.

    Gas Control Cards
    The System 57 gas control cards provide display and alarm facilities for the full range of our gas detectors. Their concise, back lit, multi-part LCD displays the gas reading and status in both analogue bar graph and digital numeric forms. In addition, there is an alphanumeric message section to give sensor (and engineering function) status. There is a choice of either the single channel 5701 or the four channel 5704 gas control cards. Each card has two input options; one is for catalytic bridge type while the other is for 4-20mA sensors or transmitters.

    •  3 levels of alarm
    •  Options of individual, zoned, voted, master, time delayed, update and rate of rise alarm facilities
    •  Clear 4 part LCD display
    •  Peak reading facility
    •  Sensor performance monitoring

    Fire Control Cards
    The 5704F fire control cards provide display and alarm facilities for a wide variety of fire detection products and provides up to four fire zone inputs compatible with most flame, smoke and heat detectors and manual call points. The status of each fire zone is individually displayed by high intensity LEDs.

    In addition, each card has two line monitored alarm output circuits.

    Both fire and gas control cards can be freely mixed in a rack.

    •  High intensity LED indications
    •  Up to 60 fire zones per 19″ rack
    •  Configurable for use with a wide range of fire detection products.

    Additional Features and Benefits:

    A World of control technology

    •  High precision, intelligent control
    •  Master / voted alarm options
    •  High packing density
    •  Flexible I/O configuration
    •  Relay output options

  • Honeywell Analytics

    For nearly 50 years, Honeywell Analytics has been protecting people who put their lives on the line every day. It takes a special level of drive and dedication to work in hostile environments, and we believe your workers deserve the same kind of commitment from us when it comes to securing their health and safety. Right from the start, our founders were determined to find better ways to design, build and manufacture reliable gas detection solutions. Through advanced technology and pure industry know-how, Honeywell Analytics continues to improve and evolve our products. Today, we’re proud to partner with customers worldwide who share our vision of vigilance and rely on us to help them protect what matters most. From custom-designed solutions to unmatched training and support, Honeywell Analytics is simply the smartest choice when you demand the best in safety.

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