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  • The Federal Signal 300RC provides remote control of ten single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) relays and remote monitoring of ten external switch contacts or logic levels. The 300RC is simple to understand, easy to install, secure and effective.

    The Model 300RC is connected to a phone line with a standard 6position modular cable. At the time of installation, a security access code is recorded directly into the 300RC via dipswitches. After the third ring on the line, the 300RC will answer and prompt the user to enter the userdefined access code. If the wrong code is entered four times, the device hangs up.

    Entry of the access code is followed by a command prompt. The user can check the status of ten switch contact inputs through easily distinguishable audio tones. Once status is determined, the user can turn the switches on or off remotely via the touchtone keypad of their telephone.

    When the 300RC is wired directly to Federal Signal SelecTone panels (300VSC1 and 300SCW1), it is possible to remotely activate the tone signals. The 300RC can also be used to activate messages from the 300MB prerecorded message unit.

    In addition to initiating control panel inputs, the 300RC can be used to activate relays which control the power to audible visual signals or other devices.

    Mounting holes on the cover include two #8 holes on the end flanges or two holes on the narrow flanges for mounting on a 13/4 rack panel.

    The 300RC is ideal for applications where it is difficult or costly to run dedicated control wiring to remote devices, or where the convenience of telephone activation or monitoring is desired. For those facilities that have existing PBX wiring, the phone system can now be utilized as a means of signal activation and status monitoring.

  • •Magnetic latching relays hold contact closure until reset
    •Userselectable access code provides security
    •LED status indicators
    •Unique tones indicate status and prompt commands for remote access
    •Terminal block connections
    •UL Listed power supply
  • Voltage
    8-15VDC @ 50mA (110VAC Adapter Provided)

    1 3/4″ Rack Panel

    Relay Ratings
    SPDT, 2A Resistive, 50 VDC

    1.000 in

    2.500 in

    9.500 in





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