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  • The new generation of the Honeywell Analytics commercial gas monitor SQN8x series combines long proven sensing capabilities with state-of-the-art pumping technology to yield a highly reliable sample draw gas detection system.

    The SQN8x offers accurate monitoring of the presence of a wide variety of refrigerants or other toxic and explosive gases in a surveillance area of up to 8 different zones. A low maintenance diaphragm pump draws ambient air to the sensor from a maximum distance of 1000 feet. A high performance sequencer synchronizes the mechanics and the electronics so that the levels of detectable gases are properly registered for each of the 8 zones. The unit is fully operational from the box, making for simple, hassle-free installation. The new generation of Honeywell Analytics commercial gas monitor SQN8x provides an excellent, cost-effective, centralized gas detection solution.


  • • 3 alarm relays and audible alarms
    • Wide area of coverage
    • Proven sensing technology
  • Additional Features and Benefits:

    Safety Measures

    • 3 alarm relays
    • Audible alarm
    • Early low level warning alarm
    • Integrated flow loss surveillance


    • Wide area of coverage
    • 2, 4 or 8 sample points
    • Proven sensing technology
    • Up to 2 gases

  • General Specification Use

    Sample draw detector that rotates pumping in air samples from up to eight different locations and detects for

    possible gas hazards

    Size 19 (H) x 13 (W) x 3.7 (D) in. (48 x 33 x 10 cm)

    Weight 26.5 lbs. (12 kg)

    Power Requirement 24Vac, 0.74A

    Relay Output Rating 5A, 30 Vdc or 250 Vac (resistive load)

    Audible Alarm 110 dBA at 3 ft. (1 m)

    Alarm Levels 3 alarm levels

    Number of Sample Points Up to 8, including 1/8 in. polymer tubing

    Outputs 3 DPDT relays

    (3 alarms level or 2 alarm levels and Fault)


    Operating Humidity Range 15-90% RH (non-condensing) toxics

    0-99% RH (non-condensing) refrigerants

    Operating Temperature Range 32° to 100°F (0° to 40°C)

    Maximum Sampling Distance 1,000 ft. (305 m)

    Visual Indicators Normal Operation Green LED

    Alarm Level 1 Red LED

    Alarm Level 2 Red LED

    Failure indication Yellow LED

    Aspirated Zone Green LED

    Gases Detected Gas Detected Detection Range Sensitivity Accuracy


    Refrigerants R11, R12,

    R13B1, R22, R123, R125,

    R134a, R227, R245A,

    R404A, R407C, R410A,

    R507a, R508B

    0-1,000 ppm 4 ppm ±40 ppm @ 500 ppm


    Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-250 ppm 1 ppm 3%

    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0-10 ppm 0.05 ppm 3%

    Combustibles 0-100% LEL 0.5% LEL 3%

    Oxygen (O2) 0-25% vol. 0.1% vol. 3%

    Ratings and Certifications

    Certified to

    CSA STD. C22.2 No. 205


  • Honeywell Analytics - Honeywell Commercial Gas Monitor System SQN8x
    Order #Model #Description
    M-508740VASQN82-R22R22, 0-1000 ppmv
    M-509624VASQN82-R11R11, 0-1000 ppm
    M-508699VASQN82-R123R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509637VASQN82-R125R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509638VASQN82-R134AR134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509641VASQN82-R404AR404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509642VASQN82-R507R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509748VASQN82-O2O2, 0-25%
    M-509760VASQN82-COCO, 0-250 ppm
    M-509761VASQN82-COMBCOMB, 0-100% LEL
    M-509762VASQN82-NO2NO2, 0-10 ppm
    M-508747VASQN82-R22-R123R22-R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509643VASQN82-R11-R123R11-R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509644VASQN82-R11-R125R11-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509645VASQN82-R11-R134AR11-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509657VASQN82-R22-R125R22-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509648VASQN82-R11-R404AR11-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509649VASQN82-R11-R507R11-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509657VASQN82-R22-R125R22-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509658VASQN82-R22-R134AR22-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509661VASQN82-R22-R404AR22-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509662VASQN82-R22-R507R22-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509657VASQN82-R22-R125R22-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509789VASQN82-CO-COMBCO-COMB, 0-250 ppm, 0-100% LEL
    M-509790VASQN82-CO-NO2CO-NO2, 0-250 ppm, 0-10 ppm
    M-503798VASQN84-NO2NO2, 0-10 ppm
    M-508722VASQN84-R123R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-508741VASQN84-R22R22, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509663VASQN84-R11R11, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509664VASQN84-R125R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509665VASQN84-R134AR134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509668VASQN84-R404AR404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509669VASQN84-R507R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509763VASQN84-COCO, 0-250 ppm
    M-509764VASQN84-COMBCOMB, 0-100% LEL
    M-509766VASQN84-O2O2, 0-25%
    M-503806VASQN84-R11-R22R11-R22, 0-1000 ppm
    M-508748VASQN84-R22-R123R22-R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509324VASQN84-R11-R123R11-R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509670VASQN84-R11-R125R11-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509671VASQN84-R11-R134AR11-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509674VASQN84-R11-R404AR11-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509675VASQN84-R11-R507R11-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509683VASQN84-R22-R125R22-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509684VASQN84-R22-R134AR22-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509687VASQN84-R22-R404AR22-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509688VASQN84-R22-R507R22-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-510250VASQN84-R134A-COMBR134A-COMB, 0-1000 ppm, 100% LEL
    M-510459VASQN84-R123-R134AR123-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-503929VASQN88-NO2NO2, 0-10 ppm
    M-508723VASQN88-R123R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-508742VASQN88-R22R22, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509689VASQN88-R11R11, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509691VASQN88-R125R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509692VASQN88-R134AR134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509695VASQN88-R404AR404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509696VASQN88-R507R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509767VASQN88-COCO, 0-250 ppm
    M-509768VASQN88II-COMBCOMB, 0-100% LEL
    M-509770VASQN88-O2O2, 0-25%
    CVIP3751VASQN88-R410AR410A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-503937VASQN88-R11-R22R11-R22, 0-1000 ppm
    M-508749VASQN88-R22-R123R22-R12, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509480VASQN88-R22-R134AR22-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509619VASQN88-R123-R134AR123-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509697VASQN88-R11-R123R11-R123, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509698VASQN88-R11-R125R11-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509699VASQN88-R11-R134AR11-R134A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509702VASQN88-R11-R404AR11-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509703VASQN88-R11-R507R11-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509711VASQN88-R22-R125R22-R125, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509714VASQN88-R22-R404AR22-R404A, 0-1000 ppm
    M-509715VASQN88-R22-R507R22-R507, 0-1000 ppm
    M-700202VASQN88-R4310-O2R4310-O2, 0-1000 ppm, 0-25%
    M-509802VASQN88-CO-NO2CO-NO2, 0-250 ppm, 0-10 ppm
    M-509805VASQN88-COMB-O2COMB-O2, 0-100% LEL, 0-25%
    0235-02958XTL5200 ft. sampling tube (0.17 in. I.D., 0.25 in. O.D.)
    0235-02968XTL9400 ft. sampling tube (0.17 in. I.D., 0.25 in. O.D.)
    0235-02978XTL14800 ft. sampling tube (0.17 in. I.D., 0.25 in. O.D.)
    M-510806Vacuum filter, 50 micron
    M-504183Sampling point with filter
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    For nearly 50 years, Honeywell Analytics has been protecting people who put their lives on the line every day. It takes a special level of drive and dedication to work in hostile environments, and we believe your workers deserve the same kind of commitment from us when it comes to securing their health and safety. Right from the start, our founders were determined to find better ways to design, build and manufacture reliable gas detection solutions. Through advanced technology and pure industry know-how, Honeywell Analytics continues to improve and evolve our products. Today, we’re proud to partner with customers worldwide who share our vision of vigilance and rely on us to help them protect what matters most. From custom-designed solutions to unmatched training and support, Honeywell Analytics is simply the smartest choice when you demand the best in safety.

    The new generation of the SQN8x series – Honeywell Analytics