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  • The Dual Modular Valve (DMV) combines two automatic shutoff valves in one compact housing, which can be wired independently or in parallel.

    Valve 1 (V1) of the DMV-D and DMVDLE series is fast opening and fast closing. Valve 2 (V2) of the DMV-D is fast opening, while V2 of the DMV-DLE is slow-opening for smoother light-off. Max. flow adjustment on V2 provides variable main flow on both models.

    Internal profiles and compact design optimize flow and provide a low pressure drop. Three body styles reduce inventory.

    Directly mounting the following accessories creates a compact valve train without additional piping:

    • Pressure regulator
    • High and low gas pressure switches
    • Valve proving system
    • Vent line adapter
    • Butterfly control valve

    • Max. Operating pressure: 7 PSI / 5 PSI

    • Nominal diameter: NPT 1 - NPT 2

  • The DMV/624L is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications that require two safety shutoff valves, one with proof of closure. The DMV Dual Modular Valve is suitable for dry natural gas, propane, butane, air and inert gases.

    A “dry” gas has a dew point lower than +15 ¡F and its relative humidity is less than 60 %.


    DUNGS is a synonym for safe and clean gas combustion. In close cooperation with our clients we develop and manufacture innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and gas engines. Innovations are not an end in themselves for us. They have to meet the requirements and offer a direct added value. We are a valuable original equipment manufacturer for producers of atmospheric and forced draught burners, condensing boilers, premix burners, gas engines and industrial process installations.
    DMV/624L NEMA 4x & POC