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  • Microprocessor-controlled automatic gas burner control for intermittent and continuous operation of one-stage atmospheric burners or one-stage or modulating fanned burners. The program sequence and times can
    be customized by setting software parameters.


    • MPA 4111 without display
    • MPA 4112 with integrated display
    • MPA 4122 with metal housing and integrated display

    • Automatic gas burner control for one-stage burners with pilot burner or direct ignition

    • Continuous operation

    • Configurable program sequence

    • Version with or without display

    • Two independent flame detectors: Ionisation input, Gate input
    • Additional functions by extension modules

    • Profibus

    • Accessories Flame detector Ignition transformers Parameterisation and service box

  • For one-stage or modulating gas burners with or without ignition gas. In particular for industrial thermoprocessing equipment to EN 746-2.


    DUNGS is a synonym for safe and clean gas combustion. In close cooperation with our clients we develop and manufacture innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and gas engines. Innovations are not an end in themselves for us. They have to meet the requirements and offer a direct added value. We are a valuable original equipment manufacturer for producers of atmospheric and forced draught burners, condensing boilers, premix burners, gas engines and industrial process installations.

    MPA 41xx