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  • This LumaSpection™ system is designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production. FurnaceSpection’s proven technology provides critical insight for failure prevention and asset management.

    The FurnaceSpection™ imager provides users with a real-time tool for quickly and accurately identifying process abnormalities before they develop into problems that can lead to unplanned outages. This radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas fired furnaces. In addition to both standard (SD) and mobile (MB) versions, we can customize a solution to meet your application needs.

    For petrochemical reformers, this is a critical tool to ensure tubes perform optimally for their longest possible life cycle. At a cost of several thousands of dollars per tube and a re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost if tube failure goes unnoticed or tubes are retired too early or too late.

    In metal annealing applications, FurnaceSpection™ cameras have allowed users to reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability.

    FurnaceSpection™ helps operators monitor and control process temperature uniformity through streaming images and powerful software for analysis and historical trending. Digital and Analog outputs are available to broadcast images of the plant’s local network.

    Lumasense has been developing industrial grade thermal imaging solutions for over 20 years, and have deployed custom systems around the globe to monitor critical processes and assets in power generation, refineries, steel, paper, and glass plants. Our products are supported by experienced field service and application engineering team.

    • Rugged IP66, air cooled, protective enclosure

    • Accurate 640x480 focal-plane array thermal imaging camera with sensitivity of 0.06 °C

    • Ethernet interface for long distance reliable communication

    • Boroscope optics filtered at 0.85 μm wavelength to view through combustion gas and flames

    • Auto retraction for SD systems

    • Class 1 Div 2 compliant

    • Advanced software with simultaneous acquisition from multiple cameras, advanced analysis tools, support for OPC, analog and digital IOs, web service, and archiving

    • Complete system integration with installation support

  • Learn – With LumaSpec RT software, users can use intuitive image and data display tools to understand the thermal characteristics of their processes, equipment, and products using LumaSense Mikron M7500, MC320, and MCS640 thermal imaging cameras. Display tools allow users to view thermal snapshots, real time camera feeds, captured sequences, or temperature profiles over larger areas or pinpoint locations.

    Analyze – LumaSpec RT software provides users with a vast array of graphing and analysis tools to characterize thermal data over distance, area, and time to thoroughly understand the temperature features of their subject matter. Using LumaSpec RT software analysis tools, users can quickly validate theory, isolate areas of specific interest, or identify uses for
    monitoring and alerts.

    Monitor – Ease of use and reliability are the cornerstone of LumaSpec RT’s temperature monitoring tools. Dedicated temperature monitoring windows with the always on-top option ensures users will have at-a-glance security in knowing their process is under control. In a single click, users can take any analysis tool and make it a monitoring tool or set them up on the fly. Seamlessly integrate and use existing monitoring tools with the optional Analog or OPC output modules.

    Alert – With LumaSpec RT’s native Alarm Tools, users can setup on-screen alerts or optional digital outputs to reduce time to corrective action to maximize safety and product yield. Combine multiple Alarms to validate deviations and eliminate false alerts ensuring operator confidence. LumaSpec RT’s Alarm tools make sure you know when temperatures are not what they should be.

  • LumaSense

    LumaSense systems empower our customers to realize immediate, verifiable, and sustainable savings from efficiency gains and waste reduction that go directly to the bottom line. Typical efficiency gains range from a minimum of 1% and up to 4% – even well beyond – opening the door to billions of dollars of savings in readily preventable expenses for our customers in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets. Systems and sensors span thermal imaging, pyrometry, fiberoptic temperature sensors, non-dispersive infrared and photo acoustic spectroscopy, gas-sensing modules, and a range of purpose-built sensors. These are developed, optimized, and tuned for the specific requirements of resource-intensive global industries and all are integrated into a feature-rich and customizable software solution to optimize the insight these sensors can provide and to allow for integration into controls and automation of processes.