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  • Protective enclosure for thermal imager MC320 Series

    Reference numbers:

    3 830 420 ID-Enclosure MC320 (23° standard lens)
    3 830 470 ID-Enclosure MC320 (11° telescopic lens)
    3 830 480 ID-Enclosure MC320 (53° resp. 75° wide angle lens)

  • This protective enclosure is suitable for light duty incl. air purging and cooled front plate.
  • LumaSense

    LumaSense systems empower our customers to realize immediate, verifiable, and sustainable savings from efficiency gains and waste reduction that go directly to the bottom line. Typical efficiency gains range from a minimum of 1% and up to 4% – even well beyond – opening the door to billions of dollars of savings in readily preventable expenses for our customers in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets. Systems and sensors span thermal imaging, pyrometry, fiberoptic temperature sensors, non-dispersive infrared and photoacoustic spectroscopy, gas-sensing modules, and a range of purpose-built sensors. These are developed, optimized, and tuned for the specific requirements of resource-intensive global industries and all are integrated into a feature-rich and customizable software solution to optimize the insight these sensors can provide and to allow for integration into controls and automation of processes.

    Protective enclosure