Total gas monitoring solutions for enclosed spaces within a commercial building, facility structure or outbuilding. Protecting, greening and performing for the commercial building industry, Honeywell Analytics gas detection products safeguard building occupants and assets, manage energy consumption, extend green building practices and improve indoor air quality.


Fully Certified by Honeywell Analytics University with over 30 years in the industry.

MicroWatt can deliver an end-to-end, turn-key safety system solution installed by our certified and licensed electricians, following Honeywell products specifications completely integrated into the latest Provincial Electrical Safety Codes.

Some of our most common projects include:

Refrigerant gases in mechanical roomsFlammable Gases
CO and NO2 in indoor parking garagesCO, CH4, O2 and H2S in waste water treatment plants
CH4 in boiler roomsCO in aerospace, automotive industries
Freon in food storage applicationsCI2 in pool facilities
CO2 for demand control ventilation/indoor air qualityPropane in ice arenas and parking garages

We also offer flexible packages for Gas Sensor Calibration:

One time (visit) calibration: On site complete testing/calibration per sensor (Parts not included)
Annual Calibration Cycles (visits): On site complete testing/calibration per sensor [frequency TBD], all parts and labour, unlimited product support services.

Whether there’s a need to monitor carbon monoxide from vehicular exhaust in parking structures, carbon dioxide levels in auditoriums or conference rooms, ozone-depleting refrigerant gas leaks in mechanical rooms, toxic off-gassing from equipment or flammable gas leaks in pipes and equipment, MicroWatt and Honeywell can deliver a total commercial gas monitoring solution for you.
Work with our Inside Sales Specialists to select your product solutions or have MicroWatt quote the complete installation for you.