Faster, more flexible and customer oriented – this is how the Japanese process automation company Yokogawa has positioned itself in the market in the future. The new business slogan ‘Co-innovating tomorrow’ describes the change – showing a wide range of new products and services.

Self-knowledge is the beginning of every change. At Yokogawa this came off self-critically: World-class products and solutions but in all the development times were too long and the developers were obsessed with detail, reckoned Satoru Kurosu, Vice President of Yokogawa at some recent user-meetings and promised a change for the better to  customers world-wide.

No more working in isolation, instead listening to the customers and in all being more flexible and fast in the market. Thorough knowledge of customer processes and technologies has put Yokogawa in a position to offer complete solutions along the value chain and the life cycle.

Yokogawa has recognized that in times of volatile economic market conditions and accelerated change processes due to Industry 4.0, quickly and effectively adapting to the customers new challenges has provided a clear advantage.

 A Fresh Wind at Yokogawa

There is no doubt that fresh wind is blowing at this process automation company which is over 100 years old. This can be seen from the purchase of two companies Industrial Evolution (Knowledge) and KBC Advanced Technologies, a British company which is aimed at strategic planning (ERP) and is doing well in the oil and gas business. Both the acquisitions have deepened and widened the portfolio simultaneously: New opportunities and business models are coming up.

Example: Industrial Evolution, the leading provider of security relevant, cloud based data services gives Yokogawa the opportunity to go through all the possible ideas and customer requests with the user on site with a kind of a tool box and to be able to offer solutions fast. In this way long development times will be a thing of the past.

New Coriolis Platform

Currently the company is in the middle of a transition phase which began in 2015 and is supposed to be completed in 2017. They are already starting to bear fruit. As a classic example for reduced development times, the Yokogawa managers presented the new Rotamass product portfolio “Total Insight” recently. The new Coriolis devices measure mass flow, volume flow-rate, density, concentration and temperature of liquids and gases. The new Coriolis platform with integrated Lifecycle-Management has a four-wire mass flowmeter which will set totally new standards in the industry.

The Rotamass TI offers optimized specifications under process conditions and supports more and more applications. The holistic approach of the Total-Insight philosophy helps the customers in all the phases of the product life cycle in improving the operations and plant maintenance.

Mass Flowmeters: Versatile Solutions

Background: Mass flowmeters are known for their high measurement accuracy: Influences through temperature and pressure fluctuations are comparatively very low. These measuring instruments are multifunctional high-performance devices that measure concentrations among other things, they work as Net Oil Computer (NOC) and they can even measure the heat quantity.

They can also perform under the most severe process conditions, for example in highly viscous media, liquids with gas content and even actual two-phase mixtures. It gives first class performance in all these conditions.

Full Visibility

Since 1993 the subsidiary Rota-Yokogawa has produced the Coriolis mass flowmeter of the Rotamass series and they have been continually developing these products further to increase the benefit to the customer and investment securities. With the new product portfolio customers are supposed to get an even broader insight into the processes. This is the basis for a significantly improved efficiency and flexibility in the process management as well as for an optimized maintenance concept.

A Single Solution Provider for Plant Upgrades

The new product portfolio comprises six new sensor product lines and two new transducers which can be configured according to the specific requirements of the individual application. The heart of this design is the three tier Total-Insight concept: It is aimed at guaranteeing full visibility in the processes and plant operations.

The new sensor product lines have been developed for industry specific application requirements and process conditions, e.g. for high pressure or high temperature applications and demanding, complex processes that take place under special hygiene conditions or cryogenic conditions. The new Universal transducer (Essential) and High-End-transducer (Ultimate) are equipped with a universal power supply AC/DC and are thus can be configured in a more flexible way for different functions.

New: Service Under the one Roof

Yokogawa has also begun marketing the launch of its new service, Process Analyzer Systems Integration. Offering solutions for Greenfield and Brownfield projects of almost every magnitude under one roof. In this way Yokogawa supports the project managements in simplifying their supply chains because all analytic requirements can be handled by only one single team.

The North American process industry has many ageing industrial plants that need to be upgraded, renovated and modernized. Due to the complexity of these renovation projects, high quality design and engineering services are required in all the phases of implementation.

At the same time project managers must simplify the procurement process to ensure efficient risk management and to be able to ensure clear ownership structures for every sub-project. The Yokogawa service offers analytical solutions across the entire plant life cycle, starting from design to construction, manufacturing and installation to on-site services and on-site trainings. And with global coverage Yokogawa offers an advantage to international organizations and projects.

How Automation Specialist Become Qualified Project Experts

The analyser system integration service by Yokogawa is the response to the growing market demand for simplification of the project management, the new installation as well as for renovation of plants in the chemicals industry, the oil and gas industry and increasingly even in other process industries. You can work with your own analyzers and analyzers of third party producers.

But for project managers and principal contractors it makes perfect sense to work only with one systems integrator in the analytical area whereby this integrator even delivers the instruments to be installed in an ideal case. A challenge for project managers lies in arranging a team with the right skills for project implementation.

Qualified Project Experts

Yokogawa’s Process Analyzer Systems Integration offers project support through qualified and certified experts in design development and design engineering. The entire project management team is certified according to Project Management Professional (PMP), and the engineering team designs explosion safe solutions according to North American and international standards and all other applicable guidelines. These experts are supported by a professional design team which has a total of over 150 years of installation experience. Yokogawa is committed to clearly stand out from the competition with this service.

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