MWForms_OilandGasToday’s successful energy companies rely more than ever on field workers to make informed decisions based on field data collected that will affect productivity and accuracy, costs, and the overall bottom line of their organizations.

MW Form’s mobile software solutions empower field workers with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and deliver a proven, flexible and secure method for improving your business’ operational processes while connecting directly to your pre-existing backend database.


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AccentrueDID YOU KNOW? According to a recent Accenture report on Mobile Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies, the majority of Oil & Gas companies are turning to mobile technology for three main purposes:


Benefits of using MW Forms’s mobile data capture and business process software solutions, include:
  • High user adoption rate due to easy-to-use, paper-like forms
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring of collected data
  • Robust online and offline data collection capabilities
  • Rich data capture (RFID, GPS coordinates, photos, video, barcode scans and more)
  • Eliminates hours of manual data entry for each field worker
  • Increased revenue and improved productivity
  • Data collection and reporting for HR forms and certification records
  • Access to current and historical data at a moment’s notice with MW Analytics
  • Seamless integration capabilities with any pre-existing backend database
  • Use MW Forms’s software solutions on ANY mobile device and/or on desktop
  • MW Analytics delivers insightful executive dashboards & reports to glean value from critical data


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